Monday, July 07, 2003

All right. Its an another day. Happy day! Got the important things done except shaving. Now thatz for another day.
After resisting for more than two weeks, I dropped to Japanese restuarant to gobble some Sushi. Not only the sushi I couldn't resist the music that was playing there. I checked with the waiter, he said "I'll find out and tell you when you come next time!!!" What a way bring the customer back? After finishing the dinner, I checked with the old Bartender (Chinese?)--he gave a funny laugh which questioned me "Your serisouly asking me?". The music was still going on, it sounded like a gem to me. I couldn't resist so I "sipped" the brains of other customes in the bar. Hurray! one yough fella came with the name of the Album--it is "Play" by Moby (http://www.moby.com/) . Ah! I am surprised I didn't came across him or his album earlier. Just loved it. Check it out.

Oh now, I remember, I screwed the internet by setting up my wireless networking...tried my best to restore it. Finally, I had to call customer rep. to fix it. And yes, they always fix things don't they. Now my life is in a mess...which customer rep can Fix it? Oh! God :)

I am sleepy..I can't take that to another day.

Good bye!

Sunday, July 06, 2003

OK. It's real!!! I have opened a blogging account but clueless about the topic to write. Hold on! I am thinking... Ah! I got one--Today I Woke by 2 PM from my bed and I can't rememember last time when I woke up at 2 PM. As you can see, I am still dabbling with blogging. OK, Its time to eat something. How about a sweet and sour chicken? Yummy...I go to go.

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